Linn Pre School Assessment and Development Centre

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Welcome to our School 
Welcome to our School

 Linn PSADC was established to provide a longer term assessment of pre school children, who require close observation within a small group setting.   

This allows us to develop a profile of their strengths and developmental needs.  The Centre was formerly known as Parkhead PSADC, then St Raymond’s PSADC, until its name change in April 2012 to Linn PSADC. Linn Pre School Assessment and Development Centre provides part-time short-term (10-12 weeks) placements which are additional to, and run concurrently with, Early Years Centre placements. The placements are offered to children aged three to five, for whom additional support needs have been identified. The service provided by Linn PSADC is part of Glasgow’s planned staged intervention process to support children with additional support needs.

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